1// Our line of work:
Short- medium- and long-term planning, job acquisition, composition of the ideally functioning team, contract drafting and negotiations, marketing- and promotion coordination, financial and investment planning, reporting to all parties, coordination of appointments, controlling and income tracking. We are there to keep an overview of all these different aspects.

2// Our approach:
The management must once and foremost utilise its time to match the requirements of the individual client in order support his creative process in the client’s line of work. The manager develops visions and strategies together with the individual client.

3// These are our clients:
Music authors, producers, performing artists, visual artists, authors, bands, comedians and actors.


We think consultancy must be translated into intensive personal engagement in order to create the best possible solutions. We divide our wide range of services into two main functions: Creative and Business Consultancy

1// Creative Consulting
„Creative Consulting“ is predominantly used in situations when the creative process requires additional topical know how and / or lack of time resources. Here is a list of some of the services we provide in such a situation:

. Outsourced Product management
. Outsourced A&R Management
. Song plugging / Song Scouting = Song Engineering®
. General Production consultancy
. Evaluation and Concept creation music- / art- / exhibitions- / marketing concepts
. Music Supervising for TV-Advertisements / motion pictures

2// Business Consulting
With „Business Consulting“ we support our clients with economic, business, or contractual processes knowledge
and our experience and knowledge of the business. This helps to ensure the most efficient time management
for our clients. The services provided are:

. Co-Management / Management consulting
. Acquisition of necessary contractual partners (label, music publishing house, publishing houses, booking agencies, agents, promoters, pr-consultancies, management etc.)
. Producing and coordination of function teams
. Creating contracts, contract negotiations and contract conclusion.
. Assessment and correction of licensing accounts
. Contract-Acquisitioning


Song-Engineering® is our very own innovative take on the classical term of Songplugging-Management. This service combines song creation with the discovering of the first demos up to the finished production. We market classical recordings of non self-containing artists up to further marketing for second and third usage for film, radio and games industries as well as the compilations.

Our Credo: We do not send material out, just to sit and wait for a response. We are keen on giving and receiving feedback. In order to give you the best turnaround, we ensure that we are easy to get in touch with at all times. This also means that we are taking part in meetings when it comes to finding out what area a music piece is best suitable for the music user. Doing this we ensure that the relevant contacts in the creative industries are aware of the repertoire our clients have to offer.

1// Services on a development level:
. Studying of music catalogues / songwriter-portfolios / not self containing artist profiles
. Categorising and evaluation of these catalogues / profiles
. Coaching of catalogues / writer-portfolios up to the readiness of a market entry
. Creating an individualised plan for the usage as well as placement of the work.
. Creating of briefings (references), song- and sound designs for particular artist-projects

2// Services on a marketing level:
. Backingtracks: Plugging of beats of the corresponding genres (such as Hip Hop music) as well as providing additions to the work in order to ensure completion of straight backing tracks by additional author work.
. Toplines: Providing additions to the work of the corresponding genres (such as Dance music) in order to ensure completion of straight backing tracks by additional author work.
. Co-Writing-Sessions: The definition and organisation of writing teams for generating new catalogue repertoire with a strong focus on current pitchings for the efficient execution of cuts.
. Re-Recording: Covers and adaptations into new genres / cover-versions of (potential) hits / relaunch campaigns of older music catalogues
. Editioning: Management of alternative edits to guarantee the best possible exploitation (for instance club-, lounge-, radio-edits).
. Compilation-Plugging: After the release of a certain song it is the uppermost importance to take place in the secondary income market, compilation sales. We plug proactively songs on compilations in every kind of genre.
. Synch-Plugging: With the support of an independent network of freelancing synch-consultants we are able to generate our clients additional profit in the synch fields, movies, TV, radio and games.
. Song-Scouting: The concrete definition, investigation, consulting and coaching of songs / authors / artists for concrete projects.